September 18, 2010 — 0 comment(s)
Hello guys,

first of all, selamat hari raya Idul Fitri bagi yang merayakan,
forgive my sin, mistakes, and countless gibberish :)

This past 2 weeks holiday, last half of it 're already spent on my hometown, Jogja.
i spend my first week of holiday in jakarta, though. Usual Silaturahmi did by almost every family.

closing to the end of the first week of holiday, i flew back to Jogja, alone.
Yup, alone. My Family and the rest of the Granpa's Family 're visiting Kepulauan Seribu back then.

"Kagak, gue ga terlalu kangen ama keluarga Jogja, i just miss the house, esp my room."
There you go.

So i flew back to Jogja at 13th of August 07.45am flight
Picked up by Gilang and Kania (click) at Adisucipto

Temu-kangen, halah.
Usual days, usual guys, usual place. Never ceased to help me feels home.
Anyway, apart from the fact that i was chased by the deadline of college's task, i'm having fun.
Just chillin' at a random cafe (well, not quite), Futsal-ing, Counter Strike-ing, and stuff seems enough for me.
Now, here i am sitting by my room, 1.20pm, and 'll leave Jogja in about 2 hours
Back to reality, they say, college life.
i'd really wish i could survive the whole situation there.
it's gonna be tough, new challenge, new toy, eh? :)

Not much of a post, but i haven't pack my bag yet, plus i'll brought my guitar along to Jakarta, hell of a luggage
See you then,