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Am reading these :

and done with this:

A light and fun reading.
Finished this in 3 days, kept me from games, hangouts, and stuff.
and one funny yet exceptional circumstance, i borrow this from Omar ( @izzurel )
a friend, whom by now, he'd already been gone from indonesia, and yes, to Netherlands, the land of Oranje. Begone with his European Studies, the same major one of the book's character, Lintang.
I relentlessly kept the book. accidentally, though. for i'm not able to catch him in the airport.

anyway, it is about a tale of 5 guys, group of indonesian master students. about their fun, joyful life in the NL.
How they cope in their studies, their journey around Europe, how to survive in Europe, and surprising plot of romances. Spiced by the jolly of indonesian jokes, this is the shit-must-read, especially for you indonesians :D

Java Rockin' Land 2011

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Hectic month. Where other non-jakarta-n students got back to their hometown.
As for me? not even close. Even though college holiday are officially started on June (and ended up in Sept) , i spent the early 'holy'-day by creeping on Depok & Jakarta.
Not hibernating, no. Actually, i went to Bandung for a short vacation, but lets save it for later.
And lets bury our head into the pensieve of Java Rockin' Land 2011 (click) :D

it was Friday, 22th
(lets just cut the story short)
Went there by car, with Eja & Hariz , off in 'selepas maghrib' around 6pm, and the traffic was DEADLY.
Long dreadful drive and countless mouthful of swears, we got to the Carnaval Beach at around 8pm
first word upon arriving, "FUCKING FUCK!" it literally needs about 1.5km walk between the parking lot (not exactly best to describe the 'space' as a parking lot but, hellish hell ) and the JRL's entrance. And not to mention halfway to the entrance i forgot my cam in the car, so....
got in at 8.30pm

and Keith are already strummed his guitar. Fuck, We Are Scientist are already on the damned stage...
I rushed towards the GG Inter Music Stage

We Are Scientist (click) , taken by my poor cam

i personally loved this band, but only since the JFP Production listed this band on the line-up on friday artists.
I pity the crowd.
they're rubbish. Only the front row guys are into WAS

anyway, when i got there, they were playing Inaction (click)
Wonderful song, though repeatedly i swore to myself "Shit, shit, shit, how the fuck i could be coming late to this"
I forgot about the actual ordered set of the songs when i get there, but here it goes;
Thank God i still could made it through -- Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, THE GREAT ESCAPE, RULES DONT STOP, CHICK LIT, This Scene is Dead, It's A Hit, I Don't Bite, and AFTER HOURS for closing.
Now you guys MUST LISTEN to After Hours, EPIC, really

After Hours by We Are Scientists

Despite of the wonderful performance of Keith and friends, i'm not having much fun because of the lousy, imbecile, stinky crowd. I'm pretty much sure other WAS fans felt the same

Anyway, after the WAS performance, i get back to meet up with Eja & Hariz.
Halfway, i met Andrio (@andriooo) and Rifky (Highschool friend)
and off to BNI Dome, after checking the schedule of the upcoming awaited ban, MARS!
as you can see the schedule..

and here it goes...NETRAL!

Netral was staggering!
though i only know about 4-5 songs of the show, i enjoyed the show
the crowd are really crazy (why of course, because Netral is an Indonesian band) and energetic
Especially when Garuda di Dadaku are playing, total MADNESS!
too bad i dont record the performance... well,

After the show, Me rifky Eja & Hariz rushed out of the dome, trying to save ourselves some space for Mars show later on 1am...but...
the crowds are already there, already waiting for hours, hungry of the first Mars show in Indonesia.
And so, we waited, for almost 2 CONSECUTIVE HOURS, standing, literally.

and after the long wait....



extremely sorry for the shakes and blur,
but who can stand firmly on ground when there's MARS on STAGE???



my clip on how This is War jolt the bolt out of Jakarta's skies:

Energetic, Stunning, and EPIC!!!

Jared are so talkative at the show, he often asks us of how were doing down there, shouting relentlessly, and stuff
Here's my clip on how Jared Introduces us to the world (in mars website)


The Performance was utterly ASTONISHING!

Hurricane :

From Yesterday :

Mars ended the show (or so we thought) with the long awaited Closer to the Edge,
plus, Jared dragged lucky boy from the crowds on to the stage, crowds gone crazy
here is the video from afar, because i think you guys are bored to watch the front row videos :D

Mars was rushing off the backstage.
but we all know that they want to hear the thirst of ENCORE, so they win us...

and they rushed out back!

and the show finally ended with the beautiful choir of KINGS and QUEENS

See? after watching all the videos, i hope you know how Mars got the love of the indonesians.
The show was simply unforgettable. Even now, the choirs of Vox Populli and Kings & Queens still rhymed in my head..



* credits
ikhsanrahardian youtube (my youtube account)
my dear friend entulista youtube


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well, i think, going to college, is a big step, no.. huge.
As you may know, i moved here frm Jogja, majoring IS in UI. i lived here alone.
I know it seems weird to bring this up again, because i'm not that freshmen anymore, 2nd semester already, but..
Sometimes, when i woke up at my house in Depok, every single day, the air tasted different
It's like some burden, or duty, or whatever this thing weighed on me, it's creeping me every single day.

I started to question myself..

Washed my hands and face, brushed teeth.
"Apa bener ini semua yang lo pengen?"

Grabbed my towel and took a shower
"Lo ngapain kuliah disini?"

Dressed up, Made cereal
"Apa beda kuliah disini ama Jogja, Semarang, or Bandung?"

Packed up bag, put on shoes
"Udah nyiapin tujuan?"

Shuffled my shuffle
"Nyobain hidup mandiri?"

Shut the door
"Mau jadi apa lo nantinya?"

it always hit me.
and me myself, are struggling hard to figured it out.
I know, majoring in UI are tough stuff. but then, I DO really want this am i?

I know by standing in this, i stand my ground. UI and the capital of the country are land of opportunities.
I dont do much in high school, well maybe a little, but i realize i had fun.
but now, this is the real deal, growing up.
living in this place, INSISTED you to be fully grown, LEVELED UP
this is the point where i should learn,
i should struggle,
i should challenge,
i should survive.

People had dreams, right?
and so am i,
but those questions instill me vulnerability,
questioning my capabilities.

and then i realize, i am still craving for 'high-school' fun.
i play warcraft over productive times, leaning and avoiding some issues,
i procrastinated so much i lost my scholarship and exchange opportunities
i've been lazy and suck at some subjects.
i didnt give my best at all events and org i joined.

i need intervention, from me, and for me.
i know it takes time to fit in,
i need some hard slapping, wake up call.

and i realize, i waited, and i kept pausing stuff. questioning, whilst opportunities and chances passed by
bright seniors got what they want, praised, and they LEVELED UP
they relentlessly motivated me, indirectly

i need to be as close as much, what they achieve,
whilst the internet kept trolling things about the rapture thing,
i guess i found my starting point.
lets just hope the shadows not that itchy anymore

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

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I wish the lyrics weren't Icelandish or whatever the lyrics was on..
but still... this song is killing

Computer Festival 2011

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Blogging  Competition Compfest 2011

KOPHI, a youth movement! National Congress 2011

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Evening, dalam kesempatan kali ini gue akan menceritakan sedikit tentang KOPHI dan event besarnya tahun ini, sedikit aja.

So, I joined this NGO in January of 2011, endorsed (woelah) by Mia, a friend from a friend.
Luckily got in Public Relation staff,after. Well, not much of a choices, to be blunt.
Reason? Jakarta is a big city, as a capital of the country, this city gives you tons of opportunities. In such a young age, getting involved in a big, inspiring, and nature-friendly NGO are one of so many single step i should take, road to achieve things.
Basically, Kophi are consists of college students frm Jabodetabek. Led by Cea from London School, we aim to be the biggest youth-empowered eco-friendly NGO in Indonesia

Out yet biggest event this year, are the National Congress.
Pasted from Kophi's website;

"Kongres Nasional yang akan dilaksanakan pada bukan Oktober 2011 ini bermaksud untuk mengumpulkan para pemuda, terutama mahasiswa yang peduli lingkungan dan ingin membawa perubahan bagi lingkungannya. Jadi Kongres Nasional ini merupakan puncak dari keseluruhan acara KOPHI selama 1 tahun. KOPHI akan mencari perwakilan anak muda dari setiap provinsi di Indonesia melalui seleksi dengan cara menilai CV dan proyek yang mereka ajukan untuk daerahnya. Mereka akan mendapatkan training, workshop, dan seminar mengenai lingkungan dan pengembangan kapasitas kepemimpinan di selama 3 hari Jakarta, dan 1 hari terakhir yang merupakan festival yang dapat dihadiri oleh anak muda dari seluruh Indonesia.
Selama 3 hari itu, mereka akan dipilih menjadi Pengurus Regional KOPHI dengan masa jabatan selama 1 tahun, yaitu 2011-2012. Mereka yang hadir di Kongres Nasional tersebut juga harus menjadi agen perubahan untuk daerahnya. Mereka harus mengaplikasikan proyek yang mereka ajukan dengan mengajak anak-anak muda dan komunitas di daerahnya, serta mengirimkan progress report setiap bulan. Diharapkan peserta akan membawa perubahan yang positif bagi lingkungan sekitarnya."

So, be prepared :D
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Last post was on February eh?
errr... things are getting quite busy, and there's not so much time to post some stuff
so... i came up with this, lazy sunday night,

currently on the go, good to read during train trip to Jakarta :D

Students For Tomorrow

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I jumped back to Depok, a week before the holidays ended
to attend, and volunteering this event, Students For Tomorrow click studentsfortomorrow.org

details of the event are imported from the (click) Project Officer's writings in studentsfortomorrow.org

Student for Tomorrow : “Students today…. Leaders tomorrow.” Demikian teriak para peserta dalam pembukaan proyek pertama IFL pada pembuka tahun 2011 ini. Disponsori Microsoft Asia Pacific dan Pearson Foundation, Students for Tomorrow (SFT) adalah proyek sosial kerjasama Indonesia dan Filipina yang terwujud dalam forum kolaboratif siswa SMA (se-Jabodetabek) untuk mengasah 3 aspek intelektualitas siswa yakni kepribadian, kewirausahaan dan kepemimpinan. Layaknya a month course, proyek ini mengajak 49 siswa dari 12 SMA yang terpilih melalui seleksi administrasi website menjalani beberapa rangkaian kegiatan sosial yang seru dan menantang.

Program ini dimulai dengan seminar sehari yang dilaksanakan 29 Januari 2011 dan mendatangkan pembicara yang kompeten di bidangnya, yaitu: Pak Iwan Winanda (Soft Skills Trainer), Nina Nuraniyah (Ashoka Young Changemaker), Maman Abdurrokhman (Ketua BEM UI), dan Adhyatmika (Democracy

Challenge video winner). Kegiatan pertama ini merupakan bagian dari Capacity Building yang diharapkan dapat memberikan peserta bekal nan matang untuk memiliki kecerdasan intelektual dan sosial yang ditargetkan.

Selama 2 minggu dari tanggal 30 Februari – 10 Februari 2011 peserta akan diberikan “Fundraising Challenge.” Peserta diberikan modal total 2,5 juta dan kemudian dengan ide kreatif mereka memanfaatkannya untuk melipatgandakan jumlah tersebut yang mana hasil dari fundraising akan di donasikan ke perkampungan nelayan di Cilincin Jakarta Utara.

Tidak hanya itu, Pada tanggal 12 Febrauri 2011, mereka akan diikutsertakan dalam Saturday Academy Community service dimana mereka akan mempraktekan paper recycling dan mengajar sekolah gratis Hope Indonesia.

Sebelum presentasi dan talkshow dimulai, Pembukaan SFT diawalai dengan sambutan dari project Officer SFT, Niwa Rahmad Dwitama. Kemudian acara dilanjutkan dengan pembukaan secara resmi melalui pengguntingan pita oleh Sekretaris IFL Rizki yuniarini. Dalam presentasi pertama, Pak Iwan Winanda menceritakan tentang bagaimana cara menjadi pemuda yang efektif dan kompetitif dan jawabannya adalah dengan 4C (Care, Create, Collaborate, Contribute). Di sesi berikutnya, Mbak Nina Nuraniyah meyakinkan peserta bagaimana pemuda sejatinya dapat membawa perubahan positif terhadap masyarakat. Follow your passion! itu kuncinya! Di sesi Talkshow, Ketua BEM UI menceritakan tentang kisah kepemimpinannya dan Adhyatmika menceritakan pengalamannya menerima penghargaan dari Hillary Clinton dan menekankan arti penting dari demokrasi adalah bahwa kita semua masih dan akan terus belajar menerapkan demokrasi dari rakyat, oleh rakyat, dan untuk rakyat.

Pertanyaan kritis dan diskusi hangat terjadi di seminar yang dilaksanakan di FISIP-Universitas Indonesia ini. Peserta terlihat sangat antusias dan tertarik dengan materi yang disampaikan pembicara. Begitu pula hingga akhir acara, dimana panitia memberikan arahan teknis tentang “Fundraising Challenge.” Challenge ini pun dilaksanakan oleh 5 kelompok fundraising yang terdiri dari gabungan 2/3 SMA yang berkolaborasi mengatur strategi untuk fundraising dengan cara unik mereka masing-masing.

Pada akhir acara, SFT juga akan menganugerahi 4 penghargaan kepada peserta. Adapun penghargaan tersebut adalah: (1) SFT 2011 award, (2) Best Fundraising Team dan (3) Best Community Service Team.

Salah satu kelompok peserta dalam aksi Fundraising mereka- Minggu 30 Januari 2011. !

This Week Phenomenon; Antoine Dodson

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It is a sunny day isn't it?
not until you watch this shit:


Enough with the buckets eh?
now behold the MASTERPIECE!


fyi, i got this song on my top playlist right now!

Roadshow UI on Jogja

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Working on UI's roadshow on Jogja. Stand firm, high-school-ers!

Phonecall, with dad


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Hello, its been a while eh?

So, College things are krrazzzzyyy
my last post was on errrr.... mid december, where brainstorming are second to eating meals for me

well, December was filled with Tasks, Assigments, College stuff of course.
not to mention Algorithms, Numbers, Formulas, and endless Articles. Mindfug
but what makes this late December feels extra exhausting than ever?  I Joined the University Marching band Corps, named Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia (click @madahbahana)  (click http://madahbahana.org )
the training goes on EVERYDAY (except on monday and friday) , yes when I said EVERYDAY, its obviously INCLUDES WEEKENDS.
The story goes on when first i applied for the squad in my first day of Freshmen, and got accepted in section Low-Brass (click) holding Tuba, my toy for the next few months, at that time of course.

weighs for about well, i dont know, HEAVY, but soon it gets a lot lighter than my first glance and weeps haha. So, the training went on, and thank god i was accepted for the line-up squad of the Tuba Section, for the biggest National competition in Indonesia , Grand Prix Marching Band XXVI at Istora Senayan, 26-27th of Dec, 2010. (click)

Training went harsh, at first, at a glance, but day after day, it went fun. not only because of my affliation on music, and new things. this Corps gave you friends, tons of friends. why , experience of course.
photos of training :

got the picture a bit?
shut the little details about the training, it was harsh and exhausting, believe me, but so much fun doing it.

moving on to the date, closing to the competition, DDAY
got nervous, the training went MORE DEVILISH
krazy, such as work limit untill 1 am sometimes. but it will pay, i know, we know.


well i cant describe about much because the competitions were closed to us, squad ( what i mean here, we cant sway around and wander to look at the whole competetition. because well we are the competitor, anyway)
 we perform on third last of the showdown. pictures.

and that just the tiny part of the pictures album. photos are FLOODING on facebook, mean it.

here are the FULL performance package of ours, on youtube, consider to watch:

beautiful eh?

the competitions are divide into two days, the semifinals, and the finals
and THANK GOD we're in the FIRST PLACE on the semifinals,
and crying for happiness, yeah i was literally crying at the announcement of the winners on finals,
we are the CHAMPION, FIRST CHAMP. i cried

my sweat, tears and blood were shed and REPAYED, thanks Allah SWT
we got so many achievements, tired to type them all really.
click here to view the news from OKEZONE.com

- Business Relations - Narration2011
- Hows things with MBUI
- UI Roadshow on Jogja
- TURBO shirt Design
- follw up BEM Fasilkom
- follow up IFL

enough for the post, i'll post about the new year's eve and stuff, 

later guys,