January 9, 2011
Hello, its been a while eh?

So, College things are krrazzzzyyy
my last post was on errrr.... mid december, where brainstorming are second to eating meals for me

well, December was filled with Tasks, Assigments, College stuff of course.
not to mention Algorithms, Numbers, Formulas, and endless Articles. Mindfug
but what makes this late December feels extra exhausting than ever?  I Joined the University Marching band Corps, named Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia (click @madahbahana)  (click )
the training goes on EVERYDAY (except on monday and friday) , yes when I said EVERYDAY, its obviously INCLUDES WEEKENDS.
The story goes on when first i applied for the squad in my first day of Freshmen, and got accepted in section Low-Brass (click) holding Tuba, my toy for the next few months, at that time of course.

weighs for about well, i dont know, HEAVY, but soon it gets a lot lighter than my first glance and weeps haha. So, the training went on, and thank god i was accepted for the line-up squad of the Tuba Section, for the biggest National competition in Indonesia , Grand Prix Marching Band XXVI at Istora Senayan, 26-27th of Dec, 2010. (click)

Training went harsh, at first, at a glance, but day after day, it went fun. not only because of my affliation on music, and new things. this Corps gave you friends, tons of friends. why , experience of course.
photos of training :

got the picture a bit?
shut the little details about the training, it was harsh and exhausting, believe me, but so much fun doing it.

moving on to the date, closing to the competition, DDAY
got nervous, the training went MORE DEVILISH
krazy, such as work limit untill 1 am sometimes. but it will pay, i know, we know.


well i cant describe about much because the competitions were closed to us, squad ( what i mean here, we cant sway around and wander to look at the whole competetition. because well we are the competitor, anyway)
 we perform on third last of the showdown. pictures.

and that just the tiny part of the pictures album. photos are FLOODING on facebook, mean it.

here are the FULL performance package of ours, on youtube, consider to watch:

beautiful eh?

the competitions are divide into two days, the semifinals, and the finals
and THANK GOD we're in the FIRST PLACE on the semifinals,
and crying for happiness, yeah i was literally crying at the announcement of the winners on finals,
we are the CHAMPION, FIRST CHAMP. i cried

my sweat, tears and blood were shed and REPAYED, thanks Allah SWT
we got so many achievements, tired to type them all really.
click here to view the news from

- Business Relations - Narration2011
- Hows things with MBUI
- UI Roadshow on Jogja
- TURBO shirt Design
- follw up BEM Fasilkom
- follow up IFL

enough for the post, i'll post about the new year's eve and stuff, 

later guys,


Anonymous | January 17, 2011 at 4:04 PM

cie ikhsan, anak mbui, selamat yak :D
waktu itu gue pernah blogwalking ke blog lo san, pas awal2 masuk fasilkom #teruskenapa

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