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College life sucking energies away


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Hello guys,

first of all, selamat hari raya Idul Fitri bagi yang merayakan,
forgive my sin, mistakes, and countless gibberish :)

This past 2 weeks holiday, last half of it 're already spent on my hometown, Jogja.
i spend my first week of holiday in jakarta, though. Usual Silaturahmi did by almost every family.

closing to the end of the first week of holiday, i flew back to Jogja, alone.
Yup, alone. My Family and the rest of the Granpa's Family 're visiting Kepulauan Seribu back then.

"Kagak, gue ga terlalu kangen ama keluarga Jogja, i just miss the house, esp my room."
There you go.

So i flew back to Jogja at 13th of August 07.45am flight
Picked up by Gilang and Kania (click) at Adisucipto

Temu-kangen, halah.
Usual days, usual guys, usual place. Never ceased to help me feels home.
Anyway, apart from the fact that i was chased by the deadline of college's task, i'm having fun.
Just chillin' at a random cafe (well, not quite), Futsal-ing, Counter Strike-ing, and stuff seems enough for me.
Now, here i am sitting by my room, 1.20pm, and 'll leave Jogja in about 2 hours
Back to reality, they say, college life.
i'd really wish i could survive the whole situation there.
it's gonna be tough, new challenge, new toy, eh? :)

Not much of a post, but i haven't pack my bag yet, plus i'll brought my guitar along to Jakarta, hell of a luggage
See you then,

King of Torts : John Grisham

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am reading King of Torts by John Grisham for this week, a week before two-week-holiday
halfway read, good piece, still not recommended, though.

ceritanya : bisa kau google sih nyet, tapi gw critain dikit..

tentang Lawyer biasa, ceritanya sih dia ini cemerlang (typikal) live a boring life.
saat Clay Carter ini diadepin kasus pembunuhan random, selidik punya selidik, dia nemuin konspirasi madahbahana ( muke lu) mahadahsyat yang bisa bikin kaya raya, perusahaan lawannya itu salah satu perusahaan farmasi terbesar di U.S.
gimana petualangannya??? (muke lu) baca lah, nyet...

1 month in Uni

am currently living in depok for about a month since 1st of August
living alone, that is..

August started with a fierce weather, i mean it.
started a new life here, freshmen in University of Indonesia, yeah i've told you before, right?
am majoring in Information System, course i wouldn't think about much, but now, am currently livin' it joyfully, at least.

1st thought of all, repot.
esp when you've no idea at all about how things 're goin around here
ga ngerti jalan, harga stuffs, strategic places ( i mean tempat-tempat beradab)

hari-hari awal di Depok,
skip aja hari-hari membersihkan rumah, beli peralatan hidup,
awal-awal pertama memasuki kampus adalah.. Padus
yeah paduan suara, choir, university choir, GINORMOUS choir, here.
i mean we're talking about 4.500 headless chickens screaming their guts out for what they-so-called-graduation
and di sini kita dipecut lebih dari seminggu,
lumayan sih lagu-lagunya, but.... nah, forget it.

then the days gone by,
OBM, (orientasi Belajar Mahasiswa) met bunch of friends here, real fun.
the orientation of studying here 're really is packed with fun.
series of lectures filled with agony are nowhere to be found
apart from a small numbers of boring lectures, we played lotsa games, for getting to know each other
mendekati hari-hari akhir, menjadikan kita semakin kenthel (kalimat gue yang ini agak absurd, skip)

dan ada juga kuliah umum,
menghadirkan berbagai bentuk artis, politikus, tokoh besar yang jadi Alumni of UI
some of them 're inspiring, while the other were just... ya know
and then there was the Ospek Universitas, not so special i guess.
Hakarya Eka Pakci SMA gue masih lebih serem,
and then ospek fakultas or PSAF, hmmmm. won't tell you much about this, ( or at all)

the orientation went flat, with some tasks and group projects come along.
the seniors here 're surprisingly friendly though. serius
and maybe next post i'll tell you much more about the details. and my first job here being a Liaison Officer, and the crazy, and gutless cows inside :D

later on,
and there was the Graduation,
no wonder, it was real fancy. kita MaBa (mahasiswa Baru) tentu udah gw bilangin jadi paduan suaranya
it went great, bombastis, and worth of a lifetime view, really.
and the Cum Lauders, envy them respectfully, though.
the real inspirations comes from Tantia Dian from FE, she holds an IPK of 3,9 and she's the Mahasiswa Berprestasi Tingkat Nasional
and rumor has it, Tantia ini udah pernah ke semua benua di dunia ini, nah loh.
kurang gila apa ni orang? Huge Blow, Ultimate wake-up call.

and then here we are,

sekarang hari kedua kuliah, senior libur, jadi maba jadi yang kuasa sementara, sort of.
one motivation:
gw disini dikelilingin orang-orang hebat, macem-macem.
ada yang lahir th95 (lebih muda dari adek gue yang kelas1 sma men!), juara2 macem2, udah diterima dimana-mana.
banyak lah hal yang bisa bikin minder umat manusia biasa.
gw masih survive, men.

and the fun begins...

coming up


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my favorite game, of all time i guess.
you can play this in any windows PC, even a macbook have one these days.
it's a game of numbers, basically.

this game was first introduced to me by my Dad,
i still remember when i was 5 or so, living in Lampung, when i sat by his office almost everyday.
i recall he was playing Freecell, Hearts, etc. yeah, that kind of oldschool games on PC,  (what can you say if it's still 1997 or so, at that time) and Minesweeper was the one i enjoyed to watch. Since then, you know... keep playin' them till i don't have to count the numbers now, :D

here's my record, well i done better but here's what i can come up with right now. (boasting ampe laut)

so, Whaddya think minesweeper freak?
not a half bad, eh?

15 days left... (?)

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15th of July

still at jogja, still with high-school attitudes, still with the usual crancky, hot-headed friends,
still woke up at 1pm, barely got enough sleep,
anw Kania (click) came back frm germany this tuesday,after about 11 months perhaps?

to do list:
-stuff on Yrbook
-memorizing songs frm the university
-preparing the presentation fr the ospek
-pack things up

new tumblr (click)
30stm - Closer to the Edge


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wish me luck for makara design 2010
i must get this out front for that so called "angkatan"

wish me all goodluck


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this is...

i even cannot find any words,
i was just.... too excited,
even when i was writing this..

today was started badly, a soccer match held in my school was.. whats the word? suspended? delayed? who cares,
and my mood was.. crappy,
i haven't took a shower today, and yet, still gone to school with uniform
7.38am , that's a monthly record for me in waking and sober up

when i got to school, and told about the 'suspended' match,
"ah taik,"
untung byk temen2 juga senasib.. pindah venue ke tongkrongan deket

after a while, chillin' with the guys
my brother, taufan called my cell
i rode his motorbike to school, so i thought that he might be needed the bike back
"gila aje g2 balik ke rumah, males cuk"

and i ignored the calls, with an s,
after a while, not quite a while,
Astrid, sobat gendut saya, text me,

i jumped out of surpise,
and dialed taufan immediately.
euphorically (i dont even know if this word works that way)

here we go ;)

astrid's text, 20100508 09.13

"Congrats Sistem Informasi UI :*"

conv with taufan, couple of minutes after the text

"heh, kau keterima, sistem informasi universitas indonesia"

and guess what, astrid knew the news because of taufan's status update on facebook
my brother was the saviour of the day, yeah hahah

and then called my mom,
then my dad.

i grinned and acted funny now and then.
even now, i still cant believe it
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah,

i wasn't meant for Jogjakarta :)


On My Way

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just a little further,
i dont need to think,

i'll tell you, soon enough.
and yes, its a great news upcoming.


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well, this past weeks 're filled with... DBL
a basketball competition, high school student's shits

here are some pics,
well not much describes the game, actually

FUN and SWEATY of course,

yep, that's my school - delayota. the folks
and here are some photos of friends

Herni, Belle, and Neza

Isa and Yusnanda

Addin, Me, Monyi, Anggajay, and Bagas

Bian, echa (click), and Me

Nanda, Prama, and Wednes (click)

Monyi, Dhamang, and Ilmi

Hekal , with the school-shirt :D

Jaya and Addin

the kinky-boys


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mengingat hal hal yang enak diingat selama SMA ini, yep bentar lagi lulus SMA,
(lulus lah amin)
and i cant come up with any great idea about what should i post about it
or at least one... and its about Indonesia,

its in 2008, or so..
i was in second grade of high school
i got picked by my teacher.. (ambiguous) dipilih guru sebagai representatif dari SMA 8 Yogyakarta untuk mewakilkan sekolah. mewakilkan sekolah buat Sunburst Youth Camp
at first, i was excited.
later... i was .... constipated.
the fact that it would become a great bash of students from all over indonesia giving me the downhills upstart.

i completely forgot about the date of the national test which is held in Jakarta.
the test includes toefl, art shits (dances , choirs, singings, etc)
pessimistic, of course.
so many friggin' gays yang tarinya lebay tapi sangar,  master masterlah bentuk-bentuknya
i dont really, ya know, think about it considering the fact that i suck at dancing.
the three days passed without any lack of compelling.

back at Yogya,
in about couple of months the result of the test are announced and i was...

yep, thats me on number 5 :)
cant believe it, either... i was so sure that i wouldnt even make it.
brought down another 218 students frm all over indonesia
at that time, i immediately realized
here comes the holiday. freakin holiday.

a month later, we are notified to prepare everything, which i forgot
pack things, and off we go to jakarta for orientation.

met new friends yep,
Funny, Loud, SMART 
sumpah anak-anak laennya pinter pinter semua,
cuma 2 dari kita yang masih kelas dua, including me.

left-to-right, nguler

(Ganti bilingual dulu)
Shani, dari Malang, cantik? emang hehe funny, medok, tinggi coy
pinter deh gausah nanya, she's in ITB now.
itu belakangnya gue lagi mabok

Ranggi, yang pegang laptop, dari Bogor, pinter juga dia di Mesin UI
the FUNNIEST, the clown, yang ngelawak lah

Tama, ni yang paling sukses nih,
sekarang di HI UI, ni anak yang paling byk pengalaman
udah kemana-mana, cuma kurang  ke oprah doang

Gege, dari Jogja juga, anak SMA 3 temennya Taufan, kakak gw yg bego tapi masuk UGM
sekarang di Telkom, ini pinter gitar, master malah,
logatnya logat kraton men. 

Dhini, plain face, tapi malah justru horric
Makassar, sekarang ambil Kedokteran di sana
pinter, alim, suspicious
punya semacam vortex, draw everyone towards her..
not in a pleasant way.. :D

Linda, anak Bali, kelas dua sm kyk gw
dia S-2 Seni tari, ya enggalah
pinter banget nari, pede kayak model haha
gw blm tau dia mau masuk mana

one more is Zulfa, anak jogja
couldnt find any pics of her in the orientation days, so..
pinter, alim, berisik , full of ideas
she's in STAN now.

anyway, first day itu.. gue lupa
pokoknya disana, di wisma Subud, fatmawati, Jakarta
kita digeber jadi delegasi indonesia yang tahan banting, lucu ama muka tebel
di sini diajar tari, presentasi , etc.

brainstorming :

tapi ga selamanya mumet disana,
sekitar seminggu  55% main lah , hari kedua ke dufan, ketiga movie marathon di sency
jelas enggalah.
makanannya enak enak, makmur pokoknya, as for the great part... kita disanguin duit, nolnya banyak pokoknya :D

reaching d- day for departure,
after the hard work in orientation, we are ready to set off.
nari, presentasi, nyanyi, dll udah kelar dilatih.
oh, fyi, SYC itu di Singapore. ga jelas dimananya pokoknya deketnya batam lah
hari H berangkat, bangunnya malah pada telat, hampir gajadi malah,
lebay dikit 

mendekati penghujung post,
this is the face of indonesian delegation yang udah ditempa 7 hari 7 malam
pembina kita repot ketar ketir ngurus visa,
kita malah... anggap ini vacation.

that's it for now. will write more about trip to sg later, or tomorrow ,perhaps.
 its 1 am now, catch y'all later

Alhamdulillah Undip

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:) tapi gw prefer ugm, doain ye!


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Blogspot or Wordpress?

Which one?


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this past months have been loaded with TONS of test and studying.
yep, i’m a senior high school dude.  drooling around with college stuff later.
and also, this April till July or August I must say, will be a freakin holiday for me, so thats one good part about being me in this situation.
lot to do, lot of work, and of course lot of joy upcoming.
one wish : got a nice and suitable College for me, for better future (cliche)
OK that’s about it for now,
hope i could keep up