May 8, 2010

this is...

i even cannot find any words,
i was just.... too excited,
even when i was writing this..

today was started badly, a soccer match held in my school was.. whats the word? suspended? delayed? who cares,
and my mood was.. crappy,
i haven't took a shower today, and yet, still gone to school with uniform
7.38am , that's a monthly record for me in waking and sober up

when i got to school, and told about the 'suspended' match,
"ah taik,"
untung byk temen2 juga senasib.. pindah venue ke tongkrongan deket

after a while, chillin' with the guys
my brother, taufan called my cell
i rode his motorbike to school, so i thought that he might be needed the bike back
"gila aje g2 balik ke rumah, males cuk"

and i ignored the calls, with an s,
after a while, not quite a while,
Astrid, sobat gendut saya, text me,

i jumped out of surpise,
and dialed taufan immediately.
euphorically (i dont even know if this word works that way)

here we go ;)

astrid's text, 20100508 09.13

"Congrats Sistem Informasi UI :*"

conv with taufan, couple of minutes after the text

"heh, kau keterima, sistem informasi universitas indonesia"

and guess what, astrid knew the news because of taufan's status update on facebook
my brother was the saviour of the day, yeah hahah

and then called my mom,
then my dad.

i grinned and acted funny now and then.
even now, i still cant believe it
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah,

i wasn't meant for Jogjakarta :)



dini | May 15, 2010 at 8:45 PM

selamat ya ixn,
wah, akhirnya bergabung dengan Tama dan Ranggi
Hush, sana! jadi Trio macan UI saja! hhoho

ikhsan rahardian | August 31, 2010 at 3:36 PM

hahahah thanks a lot dini,
we're having great fun walaupun minus shani ranggi and linda,
kapan2 maen lagi ke jakarta! atau ke jogja heheheh

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