July 19, 2010
my favorite game, of all time i guess.
you can play this in any windows PC, even a macbook have one these days.
it's a game of numbers, basically.

this game was first introduced to me by my Dad,
i still remember when i was 5 or so, living in Lampung, when i sat by his office almost everyday.
i recall he was playing Freecell, Hearts, etc. yeah, that kind of oldschool games on PC,  (what can you say if it's still 1997 or so, at that time) and Minesweeper was the one i enjoyed to watch. Since then, you know... keep playin' them till i don't have to count the numbers now, :D

here's my record, well i done better but here's what i can come up with right now. (boasting ampe laut)

so, Whaddya think minesweeper freak?
not a half bad, eh?


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