August 5, 2011 — 0 comment(s)
Am reading these :

and done with this:

A light and fun reading.
Finished this in 3 days, kept me from games, hangouts, and stuff.
and one funny yet exceptional circumstance, i borrow this from Omar ( @izzurel )
a friend, whom by now, he'd already been gone from indonesia, and yes, to Netherlands, the land of Oranje. Begone with his European Studies, the same major one of the book's character, Lintang.
I relentlessly kept the book. accidentally, though. for i'm not able to catch him in the airport.

anyway, it is about a tale of 5 guys, group of indonesian master students. about their fun, joyful life in the NL.
How they cope in their studies, their journey around Europe, how to survive in Europe, and surprising plot of romances. Spiced by the jolly of indonesian jokes, this is the shit-must-read, especially for you indonesians :D