Hello Again,

July 20, 2012
It's been a while.

Susah juga menghimpun niat yang berembun buat nulis blog. Tapi setelah mendengar beberapa insight dan opini kalo ternyata blogging itu turns out bisa memberi banyak manfaat untuk logic dan creative thinking, I guess I'll try to stick for a pint :p , let's find some closure also :)

These past posts (replacing these past years/month/esp) apart from Campus stuff (even I am sick of tired of sharing of how cruel life in Fasilkom as it is always, never ending hard work) , life has been busy with my baby, my boo, my lover, my mistress, COMPUTER FESTIVAL 2012! lol
An event with a MOTHERLODE of events inside. And no, I'm not being meta at all. We got 4 Competitions, and 4  sub-events inside. Please kindly check the site : http://compfest2012.com/

Managing, leading, and whatnot has been great and full of joy plus sweats supported by a wonderful fun team! I'll post some more about CompFest in (maybe) a lot of upcoming posts :)

As for the next exact post, I'd like to share to you a competition I joined; Skills for Employability Challenge Game Changers ID by British Council Indonesia.
See ya for now!

Oh and Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa Ramadhan, guys!

July favorites, Barlights by fun.
Music enteng, brass main, choir masuk, vox my kind of favorites, and of course the wonderful choice of words!


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